We understand that while some people have a lot of experience trading crypto, many more are just learning. We designed a simple, intuitive platform where you can quickly get comfortable trading. It’s very similar and just as easy as trading your stocks! We will also provide you with educational tools such as links to relevant articles, blogs, an easy-to-use fee calculator and more.

That includes everything! There are no additional BlockMint trading fees and you can trade as much and as often as you like. For people who plan to make large trades (or smaller trades even a few times a year), this is a fantastic money saving option. Use our calculator to choose the Flex Fee option that’s best for you and to compare our plans to the competition. LINK to CALCULATOR.

We’ve built our calculator so that you can choose the best plan for you! You can estimate how many trades you plan to make and for how much money and decide whether this is your best option. Remember every purchase and every sale is a separate trade – so plug in your assumptions and make the best choice for you! And if you change your mind, once a year you can change your plan. CALCULATOR.

We’ve made it as easy to trade as stocks.  No need for anything other than buy click, sell click.

We want to be the people’s choice for crypto trading. People tend to fall into two categories: active traders and buy and hold investors – and we want to be the low cost option for both groups. So we made two plans and you can choose the one that’s right for you. Spend a minute with our calculator and make the best choice for your trading needs! LINK to CALCULATOR.

We expect to add interest bearing coins by Summer 2022!

Yes, crypto coins can be volatile, that’s why we programmed in stop triggers!  You can set a price to sell in the future by using the stop trigger.  You can manage your positions downside with these triggers.  There are also triggers for purchasing the crypto coins at certain prices as well.  Triggers have some limitations, please click here for more information. 

We are adding coins to the platform each quarter.  While we may not be able to offer every coin, we try to offer the most popular and liquid coins for you to trade. LINK to our CURRENT COINS.

We specifically invested a lot of programming time to give you trigger options.   It’s a smart way to trade and invest.  A stop trigger is a pre-set price at which you would like to sell your crypto position.  If Bitcoin was trading at $30,000 and you wanted to sell if it fell below $27,500, you could place a stop trigger at $27,500 and the program would sell your position for you at the best possible price after the trigger was activated.  Stop triggers are there to protect your downside risk during market swings.  A stop trigger is very similar to a stop-loss order in stock trading.  

Limit triggers can also help sell your position at a pre-determined price HIGHER than the market is trading at.  If Bitcoin was trading at $30,000 and you wanted to sell if it rose to $33,000, you could place a sell limit trigger at $33,000 and the program would sell your order for you at the best possible price after the trigger was activated.   Limit triggers are there to help purchase at the best possible price or sell at the highest price that you pre-determine.  A limit trigger is very similar to a limit order in stock trading.    See details on Triggers here.

Getting started with BlockMint is QUICK AND SIMPLE.  Click on the open your account button, complete the account set-up information, fund the account and start trading! It takes 3-5 minutes to open your account and 5-10 business days to fund for most IRA accounts. 

YES, if you no longer work for the employer. If you still work for the employer and you are over the age of 59.5, the answer is also YES.  If you still work for the employer and you are under the age of 59.5, the answer is most likely no.  The best solution if you are currently employed (and under 59.5) is to speak with your employer.   If they say that you can move the plan, we can help make sure the process of rolling over your current plan goes smoothly. 

We can have your new IRA account set-up in 24 hours.   The wait time until you are able to trade in your account depends on the funding method.   

Contributions:  Immediately with good funds

IRA Transfers:  3 days – 2 weeks

Employer Plan Rollovers: 1 – 4 weeks (links go to pages for each of these separately write them from I trust)

Through our partnerships with Equity Trust and Genesis, we provide the ultimate in asset and account security, best-in-class insurance and an unmatched alternative asset custody experience. 

Equity Trust, our independent third-party custodian (through Genesis), holds your digital assets in cold storage and utilizes military-grade, multi-signature encryption. The encryption meets rigorous CESG and CCTM certification, including 4096-bit RSA and AES. 

Genesis goes a step further by wrapping your digital assets in a best-in-class insurance policy that covers theft of assets by employees or third parties. 

Cold storage encryption, a third party custodian and insurance. We take asset and account security seriously and you can trade your retirement assets with confidence. 

A traditional IRA is funded with dollars you have NOT paid taxes on up front.  The account grows tax-deferred.  Once you start to withdraw the money, you pay taxes on the amount and at your tax rate at that time. There is a 10% penalty for distributions before the age of 59.5.  A Roth IRA is funded with dollars you HAVE already paid taxes on and the account grows tax-free.  When you withdraw funds, there are no taxes that need to be paid at that time.  There is a 10% penalty for distribution of gains before the age of 59.5.  

Yes; you can have as many IRAs as you want. However, you can only contribute the maximum per year collectively throughout all of your IRAs. 

No; the IRS does not allow joint IRA accounts. 

At BlockMint, we do not take any setup or account fees until your IRA has FUNDED.  We want a simple easy process all the way through for you.  Once you are happy with the account opening through to funding, we will then charge your account. 

An RMD is a require minimum distribution that is required by the IRS for anyone over the age of 70.5 with a pretax IRA.  Everyone’s RMD is different based on the balance of their pretax IRA.  To find your RMD amount you may contact the custodian directly, go online here or speak with your accountant to find this amount.  Once you know your RMD amount, you can liquidate metals and withdraw the funds back into your personal account so that you can pay the required tax.  

Required Minimum Distribution Worksheets | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)

Taxable accounts are just like any investment account for your stocks outside of your IRA. You’re investing dollars you’ve paid taxes on and will pay taxes in the current tax year on any realized gains from your trades.

It’s very simple and it takes only 3-5 minutes to fill out the paperwork. Click here to get started!

You can make a deposit directly via ACH, credit card or wire and begin trading immediately. There are no caps or limits on contributions like there are with your IRA.

AAVE, BAT (Basic Attention Token), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), BTC (Bitcoin), COMP (Compound), DAI, ETC (Ethereum Classic), ETH (Ethereum), GRT (The Graph), LINK (Chainlink), LPT (Livepeer), LTC (Litecoin), MANA (Decentraland), MKR (Maker), UNI (Uniswap), XLM (Stellar Lumen), YFI (Yearn.finance), ZEC (ZCash).

New currencies are being added regularly.  To view the entire list and definitions, please click here.