We weren’t mad at other IRA crypto platforms, just disappointed.​

BlockMint is a fully supported ”commission-free,” leading-edge cryptocurrency trading platform. BlockMint allows you to securely track, trade, and enter pre-determined buy/sell and stop orders for your crypto investments, all commission-free.

We know that other crypto IRA platforms can be confusing and expensive. They don’t have even the basic standard features to protect your downside in a volatile market.

We partnered with a leading fintech software provider to build a robust and secure crypto platform everyone can feel comfortable investing in. Then, we partnered with Equity Trust – one of the nation’s largest IRA custodians. Equity Trust has over $30 billion in assets under custody, so you have an added layer of third-party protection for your assets.

We believe everyone deserves an easy-to-use, “commission-free” platform, with features that can help you buy and sell at the best prices and protect your downside when the markets swing.

We back your investment on our platform with a 100% no-hassle, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee, so your investment is RISK-FREE. Stop missing out on growing your retirement to the fullest.