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With Blockmint

Use our calculator below to directly see how much you can save by signing up for one of our Flex Fee plans.

Invest with Confidence

Transparency Is Trust – Flex Fees for the People
Flexible and convenient
  • Flex fee options for the way you trade
  • Change fee plan annually at no additional cost 
  • IRA and taxable accounts
  • Trade as easy as stocks
Your assets are secure
  • Partnered with Equity Trust
  • Over $30 billion under custody
  • $600m of insurance coverage
  • Military-grade HSM cold storage in ex nuclear military bunkers
  • Independent, third-party verifications and audits
More control
  • Professional limit triggers to buy at pre-set prices
  • Stop triggers to protect downside in market swings
  • Full dashboard and account history
  • Fully IRS compliant
More services for less
  • A personal BlockMint agent
  • Ongoing support through chat, email and phone
  • Evolving platform with new features on the horizon
  • Consistently adding new Crypto assets

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